The McArthur River Mine Community Benefits Trust supported the development of a large-scale collaborative art piece that tells a story of the four main language groups in the region – Yanyuwa, Marra, Garrwa and Gudanji. The work will hang on permanent display as a ‘signature’ collection piece at the Waralungku Arts Centre.

Ten artists were involved in the production of the work in addition to a number of younger artists providing contributions under the guidance of senior Elders. The painting reflects the significance of Country, of stories, and the role that art production plays in the preservation of culture. It also tells the story of working together and the importance of moving forward while looking back.

In this way, the artwork has facilitated a knowledge transfer between generations, along with the development of skills and cultural preservation. Uses of the work being explored include travelling exhibitions, art prizes, reproduction for limited-edition prints and other culturally-approved uses such as signage. The artwork has provided income to local families, with all future royalties going back to the artists.