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Social and Community Development

Total funding to date: $2,582,142

Projects that promote a higher standard of living by addressing issues such as overcrowding in local homes and welfare dependency and by providing services and facilities to foster a positive sense of community and town pride.


$16,550 to Borroloola Gulf Show Society

Territory Day Fireworks

Funding to support the celebration of Territory Day in Borroloola with a fireworks display and community bbq. 

$10,000 to Mawurli and Wirriwangkuma Aboriginal (MAWA) Corporation

Scrap Metal Clean Up

Funding to support the removal of scrap metal and discarded car bodies in Borroloola and Robinson River. This has enabled the removal of a lot of waste from the community and the metal gets recycled for other purposes. 


$8,600 to Mawurli and Wirriwangkuma Aboriginal (MAWA) Corporation

Christmas Events

Support for a Borroloola Christmas lights competition, including prizes and activities, and hosting a Christmas in July party for the community. 

$10,000 to Mawurli and Wirriwangkuma Aboriginal (MAWA) Corporation

Hard Wired

The project involves fitting out the MAWA office with internet and other conference facilities which enable the community and other businesses access to necessary services and technology. 


$109,680 to Artback NT

Music Program

Funding to support a 12 month music program for all members of the community, including a women's choir, mentoring and teaching, singing and song writing, and music practice. 


$25,298 as a CBT-led Development

Borroloola Town Camp Upgrades

The McArthur River Mine (MRM) Community Benefits Trust contributed over $25,000 worth of materials for the McArthur River Mine’s local workforce as they carried out upgrades to the Borroloola township during COVID-19. Materials included road base for grading works around the town camps and fencing for the swimming pool. The purchases helped local mine workers who were unable to access work during the pandemic make invaluable contributions to the town and surrounding areas.

$47,322 as a CBT-led Development

Video Conferencing Hubs

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the MRM Community Benefits Trust purchased and installed three remote video conferencing hubs in Borroloola and Robinson River to facilitate remote collaboration in extreme events such as pandemics and natural disasters. This equipment has been enthusiastically adopted by its users, who are finding potential for collaboration outside the community previously not possible.

$29,985 as a CBT-led Development

Youth Scoping Service

The MRM Community Benefits Trust has supported a Borroloola Youth Service Scoping Study to identify opportunities to inform planning, design and delivery of a youth service in Borroloola.

$35,880 to Katherine Women's Legal Service

Women's Legal Representation and Education

Providing support to women in Borroloola in relation to Court processes and other legal advice. 

$225,000 as a CBT-led Development

Community Bus Service

Funding for an external service provider to run a community bus service in the Borroloola region.

For more information refer to Case Studies.


$1,500,000 to Roper Gulf Regional Council

Borroloola Sports Courts

Construction of new covered, multi-purpose sports courts with associated lighting, scoreboard, seating and car parking.

$100,000 to Borroloola Amateur Race Club

Rodeo grounds upgrade

Upgrade of cattle yards and race.

$66,000 to Roper Gulf Regional Council

Borroloola Pool Upgrade

Installation of new pool cleaners, shade structure and artificial turf and purchase of new play equipment.


$95,846 to Mawurli and Wirriwangkuma Aboriginal (MAWA) Corporation

MAWA Lighting Towers

Purchase of lighting towers to support community events.


$69,868 to Roper Gulf Council

FERGS Facility Upgrade

Purchase of a shed suitable for housing vehicles and equipment for the Borroloola Fire and Emergency Response Group.


$119,181 to Borroloola Amateur Race Club

Rodeo grounds refurbishment

Refurbishment of the rodeo grounds including replacing aging fences around the arena, loading ramp and race to chutes and the sorting yards.


$10,250 to Borroloola Amateur Race Club

Borroloola Amateur Rodeo Club Chutes

Purchase 3 new bucking chutes to improve safety for animals and riders and assist the sustainability of the event.

$47,359 to Mabunji Aboriginal Resource Centre

Little River Youth Diversion Program

Create a Juvenile diversion/life skills development program for 13-16 year olds.

$43,222 to Mabunji Aboriginal Resource Centre

Mabunji Wunala Creche Fencing

Funding to replace existing perimeter fencing with a new safe and secure fence surrounding the Wunala Crèche.


$18,100 to Borroloola Amateur Race Club

Rodeo grounds

Contribute to the sustainability of the area’s Rodeo activities through assisting in the refurbishment of the grounds and assets.

Funding Priority Areas

Performance as part of the Music Program 

MRM General Manager Sam Strohmayr, Roper Gulf Councillor and CBT Board Director Sam Evans and Roper Gulf Mayor Judy McFarlane and the announcement of the Borroloola Sports Courts funding.

The new creche has greatly improved facilities for Borroloola families.

MRM's Sam Strohmayr, Australian Government representative Alison Kelly and Mabunji's Greg Crofts at the turning of the first soil for construction of the creche.

The Trust has funded upgrades to the Borroloola rodeo grounds.